Beyoncé as: Storm (Requested) 

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I just did the full routine to Get me Bodied.  

i’m so exhausted. 

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mylifeonablogcw replied to your post: do i reblog pictures of guys too much?…

no. 😻 it’s perfectly fine, I love your account.

Thanks love! 

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Where is the video to the resentment gif set you just posted 😩😩

[x] Here you go (: 

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do i reblog pictures of guys too much? i feel like i do

what is "nnnn"

It’s hard to explain tbh. It’s kinda like a noise you make, but i also heard that its a shady laugh. (i use it for shade most of the time) 

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serfborts answered your post: what makes someone tumblr famous?

everyone knows your url and your name even if they don’t follow you. You get a bunch of notes w/ anything you post etc etc.

i have a long way to go. whklzx

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Lord jesus….

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